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Online Marketing

Get your website found

Getting your business featured in prominent places on the web can be a long slog – especially if you are in a competitive market. Promoting your website using ‘organic’ practices can be limited in its reach; if you are looking to make an instant impression, there are various channels you can explore.

With your help, Nettl of Edinburgh can determine where the majority of your target audience visit on regular basis to look for the type of services you offer.

Google Adwords

AdWords are the sponsored links that you see when you do a Google search. These are located at the top of page, and above the Google Map (depending on the type of search you do). There are further batch of ads at the bottom of the page. The “Organic” listings only appear further down the page.
AdWords are massively effective. They instantly drive traffic to your website, and can increase leads or sales from your website in way that you can track and accredit directly to your ad spend.
The best thing about AdWords is that it is Pay Per Click (PPC). You only pay for an advert when a prospect clicks on your link. You’re not wasting any of your ad spend on people that aren’t interested in what you provide – no visit, no fee!

Social Media

Several social media networks have also jumped on board and have started offering advertising space to businesses, which has widened the scope for marketing on these platforms.
The likes of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn provide the facility to target adverts to specific audiences that are more likely to engage with your busines

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Email Marketing

If you already have a database of contacts, who have subscribed to receive communications from you, then email marketing offers your services directly to their inbox.
Nettl of Edinburgh can import your subscriber list, create an email template, and deliver your campaigns for you.
If you are looking to grow your email lists, we can create an integrated marketing plan to grow this.

Integrated Marketing

We’ll create one or more advertising campaigns across your preferred platforms, and regularly monitor their performance.

Monthly Reports

Provide monthly reports so you can view the details of each social media or AdWords campaign.

Graphic Design

We create custom graphics to represent the product or service you are advertising.

Marketing over more than one channel? 


Try our monthly marketing package

With Nettl: concierge, our team is your team. Rather than paying them by the hour to make small changes, or per campaign, Nettl: concierge gives you priority access when you need us, for a low flat rate monthly retainer.
Tell us what channels you want to market through with and we’ll tailor an integrated marketing plan to suit. Nettl: concierge plans start at just £99 per month and scale with you, as you need us. We’ll review your plan periodically to ensure we continue to deliver value.

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