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Search Engine Optimisation

What is SEO?

SEO is complex and ever changing. SEO stands for “search engine optimisation.” It is the process of optimising your website and websites content to get traffic from the free and organic search results on search engines such as Google and Bing.

Put very simply it all boils down to two stages –
Relevance and Authority.

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The first is about whether search engines can find information on your site that is relevant to the users search term. This is known generally as ‘on-page SEO’.

Our On-page Foundation SEO package is about optimising your sites content in a structured way to help Search Engines identify the relevance of your page(s) for the specific keyword terms you identify.


The second stage is how much search engines trust your website. This authority determines where you rank. This is generally known as ‘off-page SEO’ and is an ongoing commitment of resource. We are certified Google Partners, ensuring you are getting the best service possible.

Our “off page” SEO will require weekly maintenance and reporting, using keywords, content strategy and backlink building to ensure you rank as high as possible for the most important keywords and increases your organic traffic to the website from Google.

Full SEO Audit

Complete a full SEO audit of your website and make sure that every effort is being made to create a greater user experience for your visitors.

Content Optimisation

Optimise content on each page for the keywords you would like to target. We will continually monitor the progress and make changes if necessary.

Website Updates

Regularly update your website with new blog posts, providing unique and interesting content for your audience to read and share.

Backlink Building

Backlinks account for as much as 80% of SEO. We source authoritative domains and seek to build links to your domain from this.

Our SEO is different

Regular Updates

You may have heard that it’s best to continually update your website, and that is true. We place a lot of focus on blogging, as this allows us to create unique content – rather than amending existing content – on a regular basis, and target new keywords each time. We have in-house copywriters and SEO experts in our Edinburgh City centre studio who can create blog posts that are relevant to your industry to help boost your SEO performance. Get in contact to ask us more about this service, and we can show you some examples of our work too.

Positive User Experience

Based in our offices in the heart of Edinburgh, we focus on providing the best ‘user experience’ – just as we do with our website design. In fact, the way a website is structured has a lot to do with SEO: featuring your primary products or services on top-level pages, allowing the user to seamlessly navigate between pages, and having dedicated sections for text and image content are just a few examples.

Unique Content

We believe that content on your website should look as natural as possible and that search engine algorithms have adapted to make the distinction between that and unnatural content. Keyword stuffing has been – and still is to a degree – a commonly-used practice, whereby website owners have deliberately inserted the keywords as many times as possible and often in a conspicuous manner. This is now considered ‘black-hat’; instead, we aim to create unique content that is informative and provides straight answers to visitor queries.

Proactive Optimisation

When it comes to optimising your website for SEO, once you’re ahead of your competitors, you’ll want to stay there – and that’s exactly what we can help you with. If we spot an opportunity to increase your rank or help you maintain it – such as any updates in Google’s algorithms, or maybe you will have introduced a new service – then we will make sure your content is optimised to reflect those changes to search engines or your business. We are constantly monitoring the latest SEO trends to make sure we are ahead of the game; and if we are ahead of the game, you will be too.

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