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coro the chocolate cafe

about the project

We always try to develop something as unique as possible but when Coro – Chocolate Cafe got in touch, we were pretty excited about working with their brand. Not because we love what they do, not at all, we don’t like chocolate in the slightest (well maybe that’s not entirely true) however, the challenge to tackle something a little different was quite compelling.


  • a Responsive Design
  • a WordPress Integration
  • a Booking Integration
  • a Instagram Feed

booking system

Coro wanted their bookings integrated with their OpenTable account. We connected and set this up, in line with he style of the website. We styled to match the font and colour scheme of the website to give the booking element a fluent look.

colourful navigation

We decided to focus on the two main elements that surround the business’s website, the home page and the menu. We wanted to make sure that customers could use the menu as easily as possible and that the home page caught the eye and therefore creating a homepage navigation system for this was imperative.

online menu

When we were handed a copy of the in store menu for Coro, we were immediately inspired. We loved the colours and font that were being used in conjunction with the brand and what it stands for and immediately knew that the menu had to be the centre piece of the website.

instagram feed

We also included the Instagram feed to organically show the advocacy and love Coro get from their chocolate fanbase, particularly as their dishes are visually stunning and eye catching.

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