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What is an SSL certificate and do I need one?

If you are concerned about your site being secure, you should be. Google Chrome, one of the most popular browsers around the globe, is now letting visitors to sites know wether it is secure or not. And they are being quite clear about it. When on a webpage a user just has to look on the left side of the site’s web address, and they will see an icon that indicates the site’s security status. In fact, when a person clicks on this icon, they will then see a message that says, ‘Your connection to this site is not secure’, if your site doesn’t have an SSL certificate installed.

Doesn’t sound great, does it? It gets worse. Since Chrome’s latest release (Chrome 56) in January, non-secure pages containing password and credit card input fields get marked as ‘Not Secure’ in the URL bar:

secure notification in chrome https ssl

And if Chrome has major concerns about the privacy of your site’s connection, or perceives it to be “Dangerous’ you’ll get this alert:

not secure notification in chrome https ssl

When this message is presented, Google Chrome is essentially alerting the user not to enter sensitive information like credit card data, passwords and the like, because the information is more susceptible to being stolen by intruders, due to the lack of an security on the website.

How to make your site secure


Ever noticed some website have an extra ‘S’ after the HTTP: in their web address? This indicates the website is using HTTPS and their web server is using an SSL Certificate making the website secure, and able to take your sensitive information.

woman using credit cards online

What is an SSL Certificate?


An SSL certificate can be described as encryption for the website, securing the information passed from you to the website from hackers. This type of encryption is not only highly recommended but is now a requirement for e-commerce sites. Specifically, because these sites are conducting business using their visitors personal account information.

Do I need an SSL Certificate?


In short yes. Especially if you are an e-commerce business as most payment gateways will now insist on one. In order to facilitate better security across the net, Google Chrome alerts visitors to the lack of security measures on sites that do not have the certificate. As a result, when an individual visits a site and receives this type of alert, they are less likely to do business or return to the site again. Companies will want to avoid having scary warnings broadcast to people visiting their website. After all, they can appear quite off-putting to the vast majority of web users.

Benefits of an SSL Certificate


It is also important to note that that there are also some great benefits to securing an SSL:

Helps to increase Google rankings
Looks more professional as visitors will not get the security alert
Potential customers are more at ease
Data transferred back and forth to the consumer is secured.

How do I get one?


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